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      ——  4-Chlorobenzaldehyde  ——

      CAS No.: 104-88-1
      Molecular Formula: C7H5ClO
      Molecular Weight: 140.57
      Structural Formula:  

      Other name:p-chlorobenzaldehyde
      Content: 99% min

      Physical and chemical properties:
      White crystal, 
      Melting point:46 °C, 
      Boiling point:214 °C,
      Specific gravity:1.19, Easily deliquescent in ethanol,aether and benzene,Soluble in water and acetone, It is volatile.

      Usage: Used in producing intermediate for Pharmaceutical like fenarol . Also used in producing intermediate for pesticide.

      Package: 250KG/200L steel&plastic composite drum.

      Hazard Symbols :F.C.N.Xn.Xi.   
      Hazard Transport No:UN 3077, 
      Hazard Category:9 class,
      Package class:Ⅲ, 
      HS code:29130000

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