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      Weifang Jiehong Chemical Co., Ltd. +86-15762559598,13854456488



      About Us

      Weifang Jiehong Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone, which is the largest ocean chemical industrial base in Northern China. It is established under the approval of related national departments. Jiehong mainly engages in researching, manufacturing and marketing 3-isochromanone, o-Tolylacetic acid, 2-Methyl benzyl chloride, chlorophenylglycine, and other Pesticide Intermediate.

      Weifang Jiehong Chemical Co., Ltd. has collected a large number of intermediate and senior management and technical talents. Our products are highly praised by competitors and clients for excellent product performance and quality. Adhering to tenet of integrity top, putting clients in the first place, the company is capable of offering the clients high-quality products and perfect after-sales services. The company has established favorable cooperation relations with numerous domestic and overseas enterprises, and it strives to inject new vitality to chemical industry by strengthening brand management power.

      We would like to cooperate with you!

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